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      Welcome To

      The Anandtara group is among Pune's most reputed realty developers, known for its quality construction. Started in 2006 ; by a group of five enterprising entrepreneurs with diverse experience in engineering, construction, marketing ; with a vision for changing the skyline of Pune. The group has also got presence in the field of automobile components.

      Anandtara portrays a vision that encompasses every single fact of construction and lifestyle development. As an experienced, technically sound, competitive and innovative group of professionals, we have set ourselves high standards, which have kept us a step ahead in creating newer, better, user friendly designs and innovative ideas in each of our creations.

      Delivering everything as is promised has been the forte of the Anandtara group. We have always maintained transparency in our dealings, quality, timely possession and competitive rates by offering customers a home that is worth the value of their money. With a trail of successfully accomplished projects to our credit and more going on, we have spread our wings across Pune with a long list of satisfied customers.

      Timely Possession

      Anandtara has harnessed the virtues of empathy and compassion towards its clients. Hence, we know what a home means to a person and what it has taken him to build one for himself. We have a commitment to each homebuyer and exert every possible effort in delivering a home at the right time with the right sentiments, as was promised.

      Post Sale Relations

      Anandtara is one of the few developers which boasts of repeat purchases and well addressed customer base in the industry. A dedicated customer relations team handles the process of possession and post possession services as is required for the home buyer.

      Ongoing Projects


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